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Norman Shealy

Norman Shealy is one of the world's leading experts in pain management. He was among the first physi-
cians ever to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain. A pioneer in developing safe and effective treat-
ments such as Biogenics, he founded, in 1971, the first comprehensive pain and stress management facility
in the country, The Shealy Institute, respected worldwide for its innovative and successful rehabilitation

Over the years, Dr. Shealy's intensive pain and stress management research has resulted in numerous pio-
neering treatments. His published works total over 275. His seminars and workshops are given worldwide,
and attended by physicians and lay persons alike.

Dr. Shealy, now retired from clinical services, continues his research and teaching, and shares his concerns for patients and the medical profession alike with anyone who would enjoy his insight. Like Francis Peabody a century ago, Norm Shealy says today that "while the science of medicine is indispensable to the physician, it is the art of practicing medicine that heals the human body and soul."

Ask questions to Dr. Shealy himself on Dr. Shealy's Wellness Hour every Thursday at 2:00 pm on KWTO-AM 560!

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